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Accelerating game-changers of social economy & sustainable development

As we are facing widening inequalities and ecological collapse, we believe it is critical to build a more inclusive and more sustainable economy.​


Achieving this vision requires the creation and development of ventures that offer solutions to our current major social and environmental issues, while creating new markets and jobs for tomorrow.


To fund these companies, INCO Ventures manages or advises more than €500M to meet their needs, wherever they are located. To its investors, INCO Ventures ensures a triple return on investment: economic, social and environmental, clearly measured using a unique impact assessment tool: INCO Ratings.


INCO Ventures thus brings another vision of finance. A finance anchored in the real world, close to the companies that are making a difference, and creating value for all: citizens, employees, entrepreneurs and investors.

+ €560M

across 6 funds


  € 110M managed

  +€50M advised

  +€410M advised on the impact measurement


Years of accumulated private  equity experience within the management team


Invested in +80 companies (trade-companies, associations, cooperatives, etc.)

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