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A leading impact 
investment firm

INCO Ventures is a long term investor, providing invested firms with strategic and financial support through its network of seasoned professionals and its in-house expertise.

A support in 5 areas

INCO also brings its deep knowledge of impact measurement:

- A tailored support across a wide range of matters.

- Access to the wide INCO network, coming from either INCO accelerator programs in 50 countries.

- Active participation to the governing bodies.

- Value creation between our invested firms sharing common objectives.

- INCO Ratings: a measurement of financial, social and environmental performances.


Implementing an extra-financial analysis methodology

Inco Ventures has developed its own methodology of analysis, evaluation, scoring and selection of assets: Inco Ratings. Each target company, including all AIFs managed by Inco Ventures, is subject to an in-depth extra-financial analysis as part of the due diligence carried out before the investment decision is made. It should be described in a clear and documented note that is made available to investors and is completed by a presentation of the tools and/or grids necessary for this analysis.

INCO Ratings Methodology

The areas of extra-financial analysis investigated during the pre-investment due diligence are detailed in the INCO Ratings Methodology.


The analysis carried out before investment allows us to conclude to a non-financial rating (from 0 to 20). This analysis results from:

  • The study of public documents as well as internal documents made available by the target;

  • A series of interviews with the company's managers;

  • On-site visits if appropriate.

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