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+ €560M impact investment assets through 6 investment funds

INCO Ventures manages 4 impact investing funds (about €110M€), advises one impact investing fund (+€50M) and advises one fund on its t investments, and supports 1 fund on its impact measurement (+€410M). These funds are dedicated to financing companies and projects with social and/or environmental impact. They support the scaling of tomorrow's world structures with passion, commitment and expertise.  

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Key features of our investments

Long term financing tools tailored to the needs of our investees :

- Equity and quasi-equity financing (convertible bonds, “titres participatifs”, “titres associatifs”)

- Minority investments

- In all types of legal structures (commercial firms, cooperatives, associations, foundations, etc.)

- Our investments range between 300k€ and 5M€


The main criteria to be eligible for our funds is to have a development project aiming at changing scale and allowing you to materially increase your social / environmental impact. You need to already have generated sales and validated your proof of concept. If our financing tools address your needs, you may get in contact with us via the following mailbox :

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